Fund Changes in LBL Variable Life Products

Upcoming fund changes will affect Lincoln Benefit Life’s (LBL’s) variable life products. The following fund merger applies to:

  • Consultant Accumulator VUL
  • Consultant Protector VUL
  • Consultant SL
  • Consultant VUL
  • Investor’s Select VUL

Fund Merger  

The Board of Trustees of the Invesco Funds approved the reorganization of Invesco V.I. Mid Cap Growth Fund – Series II (“Merging Sub-Account”) into Invesco Oppenheimer V.I. Discovery Mid Cap Growth Fund – Series II (“Acquiring Sub-Account”) on or about April 30, 2020 (“Conversion Date”).

The sub-account corresponding to the Merging Sub-Account will no longer be offered as an investment option under the products listed above as of the Conversion Date. Consequently, LBL will no longer accept new premiums for investment in or permit transfers to the Merging Sub-Account on or after the Conversion Date. 

Fund Name Changes

The following name changes occur on or about April 28, 2020, and apply to Consultant SL, Consultant VUL and Investor’s Select products:

Old Fund NameNew Fund Name
Federated Fund for U.S. Government Securities IIFederated Hermes Fund for U.S. Government Securities II
Federated High Income Bond Fund II – Class PFederated Hermes High Income Bond Fund II – Class P
Federated Managed Volatility Fund II – Class PFederated Hermes Managed Volatility Fund II – Class P

The following name change takes place on or about April 29, 2020, and applies to the TotalAccumulator VUL product:

Old NameNew Name
Janus Henderson Global Technology Portfolio – Institutional SharesJanus Henderson Global Technology and Innovation Portfolio – Institutional Shares

Letters regarding these changes were mailed to customers in March.

Customers and agents of LBL can view the 2020 product prospectuses starting May 1, 2020, by logging into our life website at To navigate to the product prospectuses, click ‘Product Performance & Rates’ in the upper right corner and select a product from the drop-down menu.


Contact LBL’s life service center at (844) 768-6780 with any questions.

Published: April 30, 2020

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