About us

About us

Lincoln Benefit Life, based in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a long-standing leader in the financial services industry. Founded in 1938, LBL built its reputation on solid life insurance and annuity product offerings, backed by high standards of customer service. Until 2013, LBL sold these product offerings as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allstate Life Insurance Company. In July 2013, Allstate announced an agreement to sell LBL to Resolution Life Holdings, Inc. and discontinued LBL’s new business sales in the independent sales market. LBL is regulated by the Nebraska Department of Insurance.

Our customers have a contract with LBL and that contract remains in place at LBL for the life of the policy. LBL cannot and will not change the terms of a customer’s policy. Having a customer-focused philosophy means we are committed to providing a high level of service and safeguarding our policyholders’ investments.

If you have questions about the company or you are an LBL customer, visit the Contact Us page for contact information.


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